My lunchbox

Despite the seemingly gale force wind that was in full flow around Swansea bay today, I went out for a run lunchtime which for anyone watching must have been quite comical. The wind so strong and in my face initially, made running feel more like moving in slow motion and yet on the return leg, more akin to Linford Christie (my movement I mean not my lunchbox).

On the subject of my lunchbox, it contained 4 rather large tuna and spinach sarnies stuffed into some nice wholemeal bread. Anyway, the 22 minutes training on the beach – although not substanial – was 22 more minutes onto the training total and to quote Tesco ‘Every Little Helps’.

DDWT Junior was at his creative best today in play school with this lovely painting.

I think he’s captured the rather blusterly weather theme very well don’t you *wink*

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