Doctor DIY

No I didn’t self diagnose any ailment or injury, I was merely referring to yet another Saturday spent DIY-ing. You’ll remember the dishwasher problems I had last week, well the required part (i.e. a compressor) duly arrived and I went about fitting it with gusto this morning.

The compressor part …

Before fitting …After fitting …Result – a working Candy CD950 dishwasher and a very happy Mrs DDWT – not to mention a heck of a saving on dishwasher repair mans labour costs!

I did watch the first half of the Wales v New Zealand All Blacks rugby game, but felt the desperate urge to go and do something else at half-time, rather than see my fellow compatriots get anymore of a lesson in rugby. Was I one of the few who hadn’t been taken in with the ‘we are in with a great chance of beating them (the All Blacks)’ media hype? I really shouldn’t be surprised really, as the media seem to make such profound statements everytime we play the worlds best – whatever the sport.

DDWT Junior continues to amaze us with his now seemingly incessant ramblings. Although his habit of using a ‘w’ instead of a ‘th’ or ‘s’ can be a little embaressing. Take the example of when he wants to say ‘Thank you’ and you catch my drift.

Still it’s fun just to hear him copying words and using them to make sentences. One of my favourites is “Oh don’t whorry Daddy” in response to me complaining about something.