Windy wonderland

Despite still feeling very tired and extremely sorry for myself (aka grumpy sod) I decided to go for a lunchtime ride in the hope of giving myself a kick up the arse. Thankfully, the negative thoughts I had were soon out of my system when faced with the almighty gusty and sand strewn Swansea Bay.

With the wind at my back, the return leg of the 11 odd mile route saw me flying along at a rate of knotts (pun intended) and I returned to work in a much more positive and energetic frame of mind. It’s true what they say, the mind does rule the body and exercise most definitely does give you a lift.

Whilst on my way home tonight, I managed to get a couple of quick snaps – albeit not very good quality due to my Sony Ericsson K300i mobile phone camera – of the Winter Wonderland in Swansea. It looks like it might be worth a visit.

I’ve spent the rest of this evening packing various items (well 4 actually) which I managed to flog on ebay for a grand total of £16.49. I find the buzz of selling stuff on ebay as much fun as actually winning the auction, but the packing of stuff really does my box in.

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