Go to sleep my baby

I spent another day in Cardiff today and as such it meant passing Ninian Park once again – something which has happened far too often for my liking (as a Swansea fan) over the last couple of weeks!!

Having previously mentioned the parking issues of both Cardiff and Swansea, my experience today of the car park (if you can call it that!?!?!) on Lloyd George Avenue and the £4.50 price tag still leads me to believe that our capital city has a shocking car park problem (even leaving my Swansea bias aside!).
The never ending rain and win seems to have played merry hell with my Sky Digital Dish/Box and has consequently resulted in us losing ALL of the channels on the system. We’re constantly getting the “no satellite signal received” – which for those familiar with Microsoft Windows is the equivalent of the “Blue screen of death”. Sorry Bill, I just couldn’t resist that dig. I’m reliably informed that Sky will charge for £65 for the privelidge of getting it fixed, so I think some self-diagnosis and tampering is called for first!

One major milestone of the day however was that I successfully managed (for the first time) to put DDWT Junior to bed without any problems and perhaps more importantly without the need for Mrs DDWT to be present! Quite an achievement for me (I was sooooo chuffed) and too think its only took 34 odd months to get there …..