Red sky in the morning

Whilst getting up this morning at the usual time of 6:45 am, I ventured downstairs as per my normal morning routine to have breakfast (tumbler of orange juice and 4 weetabix). The sight that greeted me outside the kitchen window was truly amazing and it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a vibrant red sky. I quickly took a few snaps, which you can see below.

The red sky this morning – if you believe the old wives tale – would herald bad weather and although it wasn’t a wet day, it was most certainly very very windy. This I found out to my expense during a very tough and ardous 23 mile lunchtime bike ride.

Our route took us from County Hall in Swansea to Killay, Fairwood Common, Parkmill, Southgate, Mayals and Mumbles and took is 1 hour 37 minutes in total at an average speed of 13.9mph. The constant gale made it very hard work and for once the BBC weather forecast seems to be accurate!

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1 thought on “Red sky in the morning”

  1. Last week on Sunday at about 6.45 am I saw a sky just like that in the photos. The sun was shining on altostratus and when the sunrise disappeared and it turned light all I could see was cloud. Although a watery sun did appear a few times during the morning it did remain overcast and in fact at 1pm it rained and became very windy. It stayed like that for the rest of the day and well into the night. So a red sky in the morning shepherds/sailors take warning is very true indeed.


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