Cawl king

Shucks, what an experience that was! A 15 minute run in gale force wind conditions, which if anyone had been filming would have pee’d themselves laughing at my apparent lack of bodily control. I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever “tried” to run in such windy conditions and looked such a lemon at the same time.

The winter weather (and being Welsh of course) means that the good old cawl cooking season is well and truly underway. So what better way to put my shambolic lunchtime efforts behind me than to treat the house of DDWT to a good old bowl of home made cawl.

It went down a treat (the cawl I mean) and I can heartily recommend you try making some yourself (recipe here). I’m such an expert now (and modest as ever) that I’m even considering entering the Cawl World Championships!

One word of warning though for those considering eating/making some cawl – there is a strong likelyhood that there may be an increased amount of wind in the vicinity *wink*

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