My blog's 1st birthday

Today is a momentous day – it’s my blog’s first birthday! Little did I think when I started out my mutterings for the minority that it would still be in full slow some 12 months later. It’s been a chuckle looking back at what the house of DDWT has been up to over the year and I’m already looking forward to writing about the upcoming year.

Whilst on the subject of blogs, any anoraks out there reading this (especially those interested in SEO) take a look at Matt Cutts blog – it’s a very interesting and makes easy reading, which is an achievement in itself considering that search engine optimisation isn’t the most invigorating subjects around.

Any weekday lunchtime wouldn’t be complete for me without at least one long bike ride and today’s 22 miler fitted the bill nicely. The new course – taking in Park Mill and Southgate as well as the usual haunts took us 1 hour 28 minutes, which considering the conditions (very windy, but heck what’s new) and slightly longer distance was we felt pretty good.

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