Christmas party number one

Tonight see’s the first of my two works related Christmas parties and as I’m the newbie in the team, it should make for interesting time. We’re kicking off at 6pm in the ‘No Sign Wine Bar’ (in Swansea for those of you that don’t know) before heading off to ‘Renaissance’ for food later.

No doubt vast amounts of strongbow cider will be consumed (with a tadge of red wine in the same pint glass on occasion I’ve no doubt) and as a result I will no doubt end up in Ciderspace for the rest of the evening!

Anyway without wanting to feel too guilty tonight whilst abusing my body, I felt the urge to go for a 3 mile run lunchtime. I was most chuffed with my 22 minutes and 44 seconds time – the fastest I believe I’ve done the course this year. So tonight I’ll celebrate in style! Full report on the evenings events tomorrow as is the norm.

1 thought on “Christmas party number one”

  1. hiya Dunc
    its Rod….
    sounds like you are already having a good time!
    best wishes for xmas…
    take it easy but take it

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