Friday night review

I’m suprised, well very surprised actually at how much I can remember from last night’s festivities – especially considering I didn’t get in until around 2:45am this morning! Perhaps it’s even more amazing that I was up and about like a lark at 9am this morning – without a hangover in sight and only empty pockets and a till receipt (for drinks totalling nearly £20) from Renaissance to show for my party efforts.

Anyway, a good time was had by all (I think) with the ‘No Sign’ wine bar, Renaissance and Play nightclub all benefiting from our presence. After several pints of strongbow (for me) we headed off to Renaissance for food, where I managed to devour – some pumpkin soup (aka minestrone soupe I reckon), a T-Bone steak in a rich wine sauce (inc. vegetables) and some prefiteroles (covered in lovely lush Belgian chocolate). It was a very nice place to eat – ideal for a romantic dinner for those that way inclined. The only downside was that Coach DR had to send her steak back twice – which isn’t very good really. Rumour has it the owner made the staff eat the under-cooked t-bone, but this is only a rumour…..

T’was then off to Play nightclub in search of some much needed boogie-ing music. We did boogie on 1 of the 2 (maybe 3 dancefloors) and even managed to catch a glimpse of the scantily clad pole/bench/object dancers situated above the bar. I’d just like to say at this point that it wasn’t me who spotted them – it was the girlies! Anyway, the pool queen amongst us managed to blag us into the VIP area of the club for a much needed rest and nosey at the clientelle (not to mention the his’n’hers toilets!).

By around 2:15am I’d had enough and thus said my goodbyes and headed off in search of a taxi. Once I’d managed to fend off a rather robust lady who proclaimed to be Polish with a terminally ill mother, I found myself in a taxi being driven by a gentleman of Asia descent – who had no idea where Clydach was! £14 later and with me co-driving I arrived on my doorstep. A quick cup of kenco with a mince pie and 3 cheese toasties later I was wrapped up in bed.

A couple of things stick in my mind from the evening. Firstly, the pool queen was wearing a dress which attracted at least 2 females to proclaim how nice it looked (personally the manner in which this was stated seem to indicate it wasn’t the only thing they thought looked nice!). The second thing was that magners or strongbow when mixed with red wine is actually quite nice and several of my colleagues – upon trying the concoction – seemed to agree.

So all in all it was a good laugh and the only downside was feeling so tired as today has gone on.

As for today well, DDWT Junior had been acting somewhat strange most of day, which combined with what seemed like a raging temparature indicated something was up. Well within 10 minutes of having some Calpol this evening he was very sick (i.e vomiting). Within an hour or so of the sickness he began to be his old self – which was a huge relief. Everyone I’ve spoken to has always heaped praise on the use of calpol and I totally agree.