Office decorations

In keeping with the festive spirit the girls in the office decided to put up the office Christmas tree today.
It’s always nice to have some Christmas decorations in work as it makes for a more festive feeling about the place – which ultimately makes it a more positive one as well. Apologies for the quality of the picture as well – my Sony Ericcson K300i takes a somewhat grainy picture, but I’m hoping Santa will bring me a new supa-doopa phone for Christmas. Well I can hope can’t I.

With Coach DR being unwell, I was faced with doing the 3 mile lunchtime run today on my own – in what were some pretty sh*tty weather conditions. So my time of 22 minutes 59 seconds was quite acceptable given the driving wind and occasional rain. I’m actually getting more of a buzz out of the running than the riding at the moment and I can’t quite put my finger on why that is.

DDWT Junior has recently started telling little stories to us -by practically mimicing the bedtime stories we tell him. Tonight’s was most funny as he was telling us about him telling a little baby a story about ‘winkle winle ittle star’ and some moo cows, horsies and sheep!! I wish I’d have taped him as it was as cute and sweet as it was humouress.

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