The Yeti strikes again

I’m feeling guilty today purely and simply becuase I didn’t do any exercise. I was all set to go out for a lunchtime run, but was advised by several people that the sea front really was a no-go area. I’m hoping things will improve tomorrow for me to go, but I’m not holding out too much hope as the forecast isn’t good.

On a totally different subject, one of my work colleagues came across the Yeti game that has been doing the rounds for years – you know the one, where you hit a free-falling penguin with a club and see how far it goes! Sick but true. Anyway, they’ve now decided in work that on Christmas Eve they’ll have a competition to see who can hit it the furthest and the winner will receive a large box of ‘Celebrations’.

Whilst talking about work, someone in IT (in their wisdom) has decided to get the URL (i.e. the one used to gain access to let users edit their blogs) blocked by the Websense – the internet filtering product – and categorised as a ‘sex’ link!!! I think I’ll inform Websense – as I’m guessing that the filtering database is maintained by them and downloaded by IT. Humph.