Christmas party number two

Just a quick update this morning before I get to work – as due to the IT restrictions I mentioned yesterday, I won’t be able to do this in work. Bah humbug.

DDWT Junior is off to see Santa this morning with his friends from playgroup, so the Gower Heritage Centre better brace themselves!! I’m sure they’ll have lots of fun though what with seeing Santa and some farm animals that are there (weather permitting).

Anyway it’s Chrimbo party number two today with a 3pm kick-off, so it would be unlikely that I’d be in a fit state to blog later tonight (or rather early hours tomorrow morning!). I’ll do the usual review tomorrow on this evening’s festivities and try and get a few snaps this time around as well.

If you’re out in Swansea today, I’ll no doubt see you in Ciderspace later *smile*

Well guess what, I’m back at home and it’s not evening Saturday morning yet (well it will be when I’ve finished typing!). I finally joined the party (in the Lava Lounge) at 4pm this afternoon and wasted no time in catching up – mainly thanks to a few strongbow tinnies I purchased earlier today! Having gatecrashed the DVLA/Panasonic party in the Lave Lounge, it was time to move on over to Play for the big bash and meet up with the rest of the merry band of partygoers.

The next 5 or so hours was taken up drinking and dancing (mainly) with me trying my uptmost to live up to my nickname of ‘snakehips’. Thankfuly the DJ’s played ball and ensured that my requests for N-Trance and Kelly Llorenna were spun in due course – music indeed to my ears. I’ll also issue a public apology now to anyone upset by the excessive use of pelvic thrusts and hip swirling during any of my dance moves – especially my colleagues, sorry girls!!!

After we’d have enough of Play (and I’d entered into Ciderspace) we went to Revolution (a vodka bar) and then the Walkabout (scene of my Pole Dance of the Year award 2005). At this point (and having now consumed 4 pints of water) it was time to grab a taxi home just before I turned into a pumpkin. One thing about the taxi, how can it cost £17 at 11:30pm and yet only £14 at 02:30am? I’d love to know the answer to that one.

Time for bed now….