Swans v Cumbrians

After yesterday’s festive knees up, I felt decidedly bright and breezy this morning – which came as a bit of a shock considering the amount of cider I drank – and was out of bed early enough to take a few pics of the early morning moon and sunrise.

Talking of yesterday, there were one or two things I forgot to mention during my drivelled outbursts last night. Firstly DDWT Junior had a great time in the Gower Heritage Center (along with 28 other kids and parents!!) and actually met Father Christmas without shedding a tear – which was a major surprise. There was also lots of animals for the kids to see, a puppet show and a present for all of the kids. It was worth all of the 225 pennies (as DDWT Junior calls them) that were paid.

Talking of DDWT Junior he received a letter this morning from Nick Jr the TV Channel – he was one of their winners in the Johnson’s Junior competition they ran. The bath bag and toys will no doubt make his enjoyment of bathtime ever greater now – not that he ever needed any encouragement as he’s such a water baby (unlike me).

The other bit of news was my 3 mile lunchtime run yesterday and the time it took me – 22 minutes 28 seconds. This was another personal best for me and now me’s that I’ve broken my previous personal best on each of the last two Friday’s! So there’s no pressure for me to do well this Friday then is there *wink*

This afternoon I was fortunate enough to be at the Liberty Stadium for a five star (no not the pop band from the 80’s) performance from the Swans as they walloped the Cumbrians of Carlisle 5 goals to zip. It’s the first time the two teams have met since last season’s football league trophy final.

It was the best performance I’ve seen from the Swans in a long time and arguably the best performance of the season to date. A number of players caught the eye in an impressive team peformance, but extra bonus points for the midfield (Robinson, Craney, Pratley and Britton) and Big Den whom I though were excellent today.

Somewhat bizarrely I thought Trunds was a little off the pace, but I’ve also found that when the team plays well he doesn’t and vice versa. Anyway, a full match report can be found on the Swans official site.

I’m off to bed early tonight as I’m out on my feet – I think last night is finally catching up on me!