Finished at last

Yes indeed, we’ve finally managed to finish all of our Christmas shopping – so it’s now time to enjoy the final run up to the big day. We always try and leave the worst until last, and for us it’s always the family cards that cause the biggest headache (and often the most expense). However, a visit to no less than 4 different card shops solved the problem in less than an hour – a result!

The flu symptoms that have been sweeping the house of DDWT have finally caught up with me today and I’m also now coughing and spluttering with the rest of them. Just what I wanted for Christmas NOT. I can see me having to endure vast quantities of Covonia cough mixture and Night Nurse in order to try and keep the worst of it at bay and more importantly get rid of the lurgi pretty darn quickly.

More positive news from the confines of our bathroom today with the tale of the scale showing a super smashing great 16st 6lbs on its digital display. That’s magic and just what the fitness coach ordered *massive cheesy grin*

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  1. Sorry to hear about the flu – hope it’s gone soon. BTW, I fixed the Oystermouth castle survey link on my blog.

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