Websense see sense

Despite the coughing and spluttering I decided to go out for my usual lunchtime bike ride, in the hope that it would help shift the green gunge that has made it’s home in my sinuses. It seemed to help even if it didn’t feel like it during the 11 mile ride.

DDWT Junior was chuffed once again to see Santa visit Cylch Meithrin Trebanos today and duly celebrated with an energetic 90 minute stint on the giant bouncy castle that was also there. Needless to say he’s still as wound as a clockwork soldier this evening!

Websense have now appeared to see sense (ho ho ho) and remove the beta.blogger.com address from their master database – which now means I can happily block at work again (albeit during my lunch hour honest boss).

Talking of Websense, I came across a rather interesting post on the jclin blogabout how to tweak Firefox to bypass the Websense URL blocker. I’m tempted to give it a go …..