Mr. Forgetful

I’ve had one of those forgetful kind of days today, not because it’s been a lousy day but because I’ve been so absent-minded!

I mean, after going into Swansea city centre to buy a card and Thornton’s chocolates in 22 minutes flat I dashed back to the office to get my kit so I could go for a run – so far so good. However, after getting my kitbag and going down 2 flights of stairs I remembered that I didn’t have my card to clock out – back upstairs I went to get the card. Once again I trotted down the same two flights of stairs to remember that I’d forgotten my stopwatch (an essential running companion) – and once again back upstairs I went. Third time lucky I thought, until I reached the basement changing rooms – I’d forgotten my toiletries bag! So back upstairs again I went, only this time I was kitted out in my lycra Ron Hill running shorts and vest.

After all this to-ing and fro-ing I finally got around to doing my run. I did the same distance (3 miles) but took a different route and finished in a time of 23 minutes 53 seconds, slower than of late but I had a good reason to be. Halfway through the run, nature began to call in a big way – a no.2 just for the record – and the main road course I’d chosen made it impossible to stop. I can honestly say that I have never ever run so far with such clenched buttocks in all my life and never wish to do so again!

The relief was almost tangeable when I returned to the changing rooms. But little did I know at this stage that my forgetfulness would strike again – I’d forgotten my towel this time…..

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