Now there's an idea

In keeping with the recent Christmas party season, we (the office gang) headed off to Gallini’s Italian restaurant in Swansea Marina today for a spot of lunch.

Being someone who likes eating pasta – in vast amounts – I was quite at home with the various pasta dishes on offer. In fairness, despite the cuisine being Italian the local fish produce was also on offer and perfectly complimented the marina setting.

After several minutes deliberation I opted for Bruschetta to start (shown below) before having a pasta dish (the name of which escapes me) which was basically macaroni pasta in red wine and tomato sauce with little coils of beef which were lovely and tender. The main course was far nicer than the starter and although the portion wasn’t huge (I like a lot you see) the girls seemed to think it was just about right! The food was fresh and hot though and cooked by a very pleasant Italian lady.

Anyway, the service was good and prompt and I’d recommend it for a lunchtime or evening visit – especially if you are down in the vicinty of Swansea marina.

During my time at the picturesque marina setting, several business ideas passed through my mind – don’t ask me why. These ranged from selling abstract digital photgraphy to gift wrapping services and secret santa parties to being an online shopping assistant (i.e. gift sourcer). I think I’ll leave these madcap ideas behind though and concentrate on taking bizarre spur of the moment pictures such as the one below of a nearby tree beneath the winter sky.