Holiday season

The holiday season has finally arrived for me today with it being my last day in work hurrah! Ohhh the thought of no more work until 2007 is lush.

It was also my last lunchtime bike ride of 2006 and how fitting it should be down to Forte’s ice cream parlour in Limeslade again – the place where it all started way back in January of this year. In terms of my fitness (and weight) I’ve come a long long way during the past 12 months. I’ll stop there as I’ll do a full 12 month review at the end of the year. Anyway, enough of the sentiment the 11 mile ride took 46 minutes 57 seconds at an average speed of 13.8 mph.

A big shout goes out to the Bossman as well for getting all of the team a bottle of wine (a South African Merlot Shiraz in my case). Thanks to Coach DR as well – the DVD will take pride of place in my sporting collection!

DDWT Junior met Santa once again today when he came to visit the St. Joseph’s playgroup. Sanat was most impressed by the additional reindeer (i.e. a dressed up DDWT Junior) he’d managed to recruit during the morning present giving session. It’s amazing what you can get for £5 in Asda these days!

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