Snow is falling

Well it’s not really, but seeing as it’s Christmas Eve I wish it was as it never seems to snow at Christmas in these parts, well not for donkeys years anyway.

With all the shopping done today has been a day of final preparation, prepare the food for the traditional Christmas dinner, make final arrangements with everyone for tomorrow and leave out a mince pie and glass of milk for Santa (oh and a carrot for Rudolph).

As you can imagine DDWT Junior is thriving in all of the pre-Santa visit activities and is like a livewire to put it mildly. We’ve managed to get him to bed at his usual time of around 8pm but I’ve a feeling we’re in for an early start tomorrow! But hey who can blame him, I remember those days well myself *chuckle*

Talking of DDWT Junior, in order to keep him amused earlier today (whilst I prepped the veg) Mrs DDWT let him loose in the kitchen and helped him make some Thomas the Tank Engine sponge cakes – which we duly ate with our lunch. I must say they were very nice – not bad for a 35 month (and his 35 year old assistant!).

I went out for a 26 minute run this afternoon to dust off a few of the cobwebs, as I was beginning to feel a wee bit rusty having not done any exercise since Thursday (shame on me!). This was also on the back of finding out this morning that I am now 16st 5lbs in weight, so things can’t get much better in that department.

Right, with the big event just hours away I’m off to do some research on the Marks and Spencers sale which starts tomorrow. Yes I’m sad enough to be doing some shopping on Christmas day, but with most things being 50% off and me now being a lot trimmer around the waste – I need to invest some money in a new wardrobe!