Swans v Millers

I’m knackered today, but hey what does one expect when they’re in Tesco’s getting the Christmas Day veg at 1am in the morning. Yes I was mad (dull?) enough to go and do the very thing I laughed and joked about with Mrs DDWT yesterday. Still at least I got the fresh veg I wanted and without the hassle of saga louts or trolley dolleys to contend with – in fact I had more hassle trying to avoid the over laden delivery trolleys that were in all the aisles ready for the shelf stackers to distribute!

In fact my tiredness seemed to spill over into the football and the Swans peformance in the 1-1 draw with the Millers of Rotherham didn’t exactly stimulate anything – least of all the crowd.

Frustration was at fever pitch until Bayo’s late equaliser. Although if the truth be said, the Swans should have had the game in the bag way before Rotherham took a dodgy deflected goal lead. A full match report can be read here. We really do need an out-and-out striker though who can score lots of goals, as at the moment Fallon couldn’t score in a brothel, Bayo is at best an impact player and as for Trundle, well it depends on which LT10 turns up on the day. Not good.

Oh well at least the Sky engineer had called this morning and we now have a fully functioning sky satellite system (as my little ‘fix’ was only a temporary measure). It was a faulty LNB as I’d thought and within 25 minutes the engineer had installed a new one. Top tip here though to anyone who does encounter problems with their sjy equipment – tell them you’d rather cancel your sky subscription than pay the £65 call out charge (be persistant) and they should arrange for an engineer to come out – free of charge. If that doesn’t work, do as I did and email James Murdoch at Sky directly with a formal complaint!

The house of DDWT went to the Harvester in Llandarcy this evening for my neice’s birthday party and we had a great laugh, especially DDWT Junior. Below is a peice of birthday cake – before it was devoured in front of my very eyes!

It was a nice place though and although the food was of the standard Harvester fare, it was very nice and the service was excellent. DDWT Junior was most impressed by the fact that they let him have loads of (helium filled) balloons to play with (and take home). Whilst on the subject of balloons and helium, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a go and doing Mickey Mouse impressions – much to everyone’s amusement (except my throat of course). Oh Christmas is indeed almost here!