Swans v Bees

A Happy New Year to anyone reading this or Blwyddyn Newydd Dda as they say here in Wales.

After seeing the new year in with a solitary bottle of magners (pictured pre-opening below) and the skyline of Clydach alive with the sight and sound of fireworks, I ventured down to the Liberty Stadium for what was a somewhat sobering afternoon.

The Swans were entertaining (if you could call it that) the bottom of the table Bees from Brentford and were looking for a cricket score to start off 2007 with a bang. Whilst the result was a 2 nil win for the Swans (thankfully) there was precious little for the seemingly hungover 12,554 present (someone needs to be taught how to add up!) to shout, sing, get up off their seat for.
Notable performances once again from Britton, Stone Cold and Robbo – but boy are we lacking a quality striker up front when Trundle isn’t playing. Somehow on the evidence of today, I don’t think Sheffield United will be quaking in their boots at the prospect of the Swans visit on Saturday. If you can be bothered to read the match report, it’s on the Swans official site.

With New Year’s still in mind it’s always a time for making some resolutions and after the success of last years (losing over 2 and a half stone in weight) I decided to set myself a new target this time around.

So I, DDWT hereby state that I must start going to bed earlier in the night (i.e. before 10pm) as getting up at 6:30 having gone to be around midnight was wearing me out bigstyle and worse still it was making me exceptionally grumpy (according to Mrs DDWT) and moody (according to coach).