Do I have to sit down?

Another day, another training session (2). Despite a blusterly wind and the odd shower the 17 minutes and 11 seconds run around Swansea Marina (including both the Trafalgar and Sail bridges) was most enjoyable. Btw, the number in the brackets above is the number of training sessions to date, so get used to the format as I’m going to be using it a lot from now on *smile*

I had been debating whether or not to go running today as I somehow managed to twinge a hip/groin muscle during the Christmas holidays and it’s rather sore at the moment – especially when I’m sitting down (which being a pen pusher I tend to do a lot of!). The thought of having a hernia (it’s that type of pain) doesn’t exactly fill me with joy as the imposed 4 to 6 week layoff from training would really put the keibosh on my duathlon debut. And for those of you with a saucy disposition I can assure you it’s nowt to do with sex!

Someone at the local rag ‘The Evening Post‘ really needs to learn that in the media world, news and information is meant to be up to the minute, reactive and responsive. Well you can imagine my reaction when I sent them on email (early yesterday morning) enquiring about their newspaper home delivery service – which at the time of writing had not received a reply. Now I bet you’re thinking, “why didn’t you phone them?”, well it’s because I’m a cheapskate who doesn’t believe in spending money on a phonecall when I can email them for free (especially when they advertise an email address for enquiries. So Sara Griffiths, hold you head in shame luv.

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