Despite an ongoing ache in my groin (oo-er) today’s lunchtime run couldn’t come around quick enough after a morning of frustration due to an IT wannabee in work – well a pre-historic IT wannabee in fact, talk about working with dinosaurs.

The 3 and three-quarter mile run around Swansea Marina and SA1 (oh and the jetty as well) took 31 minutes 22 seconds, which if I’m honest I found a wee bit disappointing. But that’s me I guess, self-critical to the extreme – regardless of the conditions (i.e. a dodgy groin). On the flip side, I suppose it’s that mentality what drives me onwards and upwards all the time and makes me so determined to succeed – no matter what the goal is.

On the subject of activity, DDWT Junior ran himself ragged earlier today with yet another visit (with his buddies) to Funsters in Hendy. It’s a great place to take any nipper for some bouncy castle, slide riding, frame climbing, tunnel crawling fun!

Like a little child, I’m getting enormously excited about my visit to Bramall Lane tomorrow – along with 4,499 other Jacks – to watch the Swans take on the Blades of Sheffield in the FA Cup. It should be a cracking day out no matter what the result. Sheffield here we come…