Taking a walk

After yet another broken night’s sleep – which is fast becoming the norm – and a 5am wake-up call from DDWT Junior, I was in no fit state (body or mind) to do any form of physical exertion today. The fact that I was due to attend an all day ‘Coaching’ course for managers didn’t exactly lend itself to a lunchtime run/bike ride either. Humbug.

However, as the morning progressed and the sun shone ever brighter (a rarity these days) I decided to utilise our hour long lunch (which was totally unexpected) with a stroll along the Swansea Bay – munching my sarnies (chicken with spinach in wholemeal bread) and take pot shots with my mobile phone camera.

Here’s a picture of the sun glistening on the waters of Swansea Bay (just in case you forgot what the sun looks like!).Do you recognise these archways? Yes that’s right, they’re what’s left of the old slip bridge which used to cross over Oystermouth Road.

The famous Guildhall clock, nearby and home to the even more famous Brangwyn Hall.

This is the centaph in Swansea, which lists all Swansea servicemen and women who died in World War 1.
A war memorial, dedicated to Swansea soldiers who lost their lives in the South African wars in the early 1900’s.My final snap is a memorial to that famous dog – ‘Swansea Jack’ – who gained notoriety for the number of lives he saved in Swansea docks. This is where the nickname ‘Swansea Jacks’ derives from. You can read more about ‘Jack’ on Wikipedia.

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