Same sh*t different day

The weather – what I can say about it, apart from it’s been sh*t since October. If it’s not raining it’s blowing a gale but worst of all it seems to be doing both at the same time, most of the bloody time. I was all set to go for a run this morning, but having been up most of the night (thanks to the howling wind), the sight of the driving rain accompanying it put me off. Well in fact it made it downright impractical for me to go for safety reasons!

I attended day two of the ‘Coaching’ course, but ended up leaving before the final session due to some pressing issues back in the office. My impending 4 day weekend also weighed heavily on my mind – with plenty to get sorted (and spent ££££) before close of play today. Budget’s don’t you just love ’em.

The increasing lack of sporting activity is beginning to get to me now (Mrs DDWT calls it grumpy frustration) I call it a down right pain in the butt. How dare work and the weather get in the way of me beasting myself on a regular basis.