Party preparations

Ahhh, day one of my annual leave fuelled weekend and I’m going to utilise it by putting the final preparations together for DDWT Junior’s 3rd birthday parties (all 3 of them!).

First stop was the cake shop to pick up the birthday cake, which was made by Ferrari’s (no not the car manufacturer) but the bakery in Hirwaun. They make some amazing and extremely tasty birthday cakes, which is why my family have been ordering cakes from them for years. Which makes the news of their closure all the more sad.

The biggest shock of the day came with the arrival of the post though. It had a formal invitation of a school place for DDWT Junior in the local school – starting on Monday if we wished!!! Whilst it was great news that he’d been accepted into the school we wanted, if was a bit of a shock to realise that our baby/toddler would soon be going to school. A stark reminder to enjoy the quality time you get with them when they are little and at home all the time if ever there was one.

I went for a run this afternoon partly due to guilt and partly to see how my groin twinge would react (the answer was badly). I only managed a 2.8 mile run in 22 minutes 1 second and in retrospect I wish I hadn’t bothered – as I reckon the rest would have done my groin more good.

After DDWT Junior had gone to bed – around the usual time of 8pm – we went about decorating the living room and dining room with banners, streamers and balloons. These were the final peices of the preparation, apart from scattering his birthday presents about the house of course!

With all the donkey work done for the day, Mrs DDWT and I settled down to watch “American Pie Presents Band Camp” – the 4th movie in the American Pie series of films (which happens to appeal to my sense of humour – i.e. single track and dirty!). Not as good as its predecessors but funny nevertheless and the ideal anecdote to a busy day – you don’t have to think just watch.