Another party!

In keeping with the party theme of the last few days, DDWT Junior had his third and final party today at the Cylch Ti a Fi class he attends in Trebanos. I was in stitches before we even left the house as DDWT Junior proclaimed “no more parties” several times.

The day was made all the more special for me though as it was the first time EVER that I’d also attended the class. Despite much trepidation before going as to the volume levels of 15+ kids, I was pleasantly surprised how much fun it actually was! It was also good to finally meet some of the people that Mrs DDWT had told me about. I enjoyed it so much I’m already looking forward to the next one!

On the subject of enjoyment, I picked up my ticket for the Robins (Cheltenham Town) v Swans match this afternoon. I’m hoping for another eventful away trip with the Swans in February – if it’s half as good as Sheffield I’ll be chuffed.

We’ve also decided to make it a bit of a House of DDWT away day as well – with the whole family in tow (albeit the other half going shopping whilst I’m in the footie!).

Back to work tomorrow (unfortunately) but I can’t complain as I’ve had a cracking long weekend.

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