A mini google

It was with great excitement today that I finally managed to get my hands on Google’s ‘Mini’ search appliance offering.

This little baby (which costs just under £7K) has a limit of around 300,000 documents and will satisfy the needs of our internet site for the time being. I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty when we get the bonnet open and fiddling around with the search settings, etc. I know it sounds sad, but hey I’m a techie at heart – and I always will be!

In fact it’s been a day of excitement all around, as one of the digital snaps I submitted to the BBC found its way onto the South West Wales portal on aunty beeb’s site today.

You can also see the snap by clicking on this link as well – just in case you think I’m telling porky pies like. Hopefully the picture will pop up in a few other places as well, as I’ve submitted it to various other online sites and newspapers!