Winter snap

If today was anything to go by I think that Winter has finally decided to rear its head. The cold and biting wind that engulfed us as we walked around Blackpill Lido was testament to the forthcoming cold snap that the weather forecasters have been promising. The sight of the odd hail shower throughout the day certainly emphasised the point even more.

The cold was not enough to dampen our spirits though as it was a treat to have such a sunny January day – something which has been sadly lacking the last few months – on which we could enjoy the beautiful Swansea Bay shoreline. DDWT Junior certainly enjoyed his stint in the playground by the lido – even if the lido itself was closed, much to his disappoinment.

Another week goes by and I finally got round to having my ‘nude’ pictures taken – for the pure benefit of visually checking my progress since last Janaury (when I did the same) I hasten to add. Don’t worry, there’s no way on this earth that I’ll be putting those pictures on here either – I wouldn’t want to make anyone feel extremely sick!

The tale of the scale still makes good reading thankfully with 16st 7lbs the scores on the doors this week, so a 1lb down on last Sunday.