The static bike

It was with great excitement today that I got on my bike (the usual lunchtime ride) for only the 2nd time this year – for what was training session number 8 (poor compared to last years standards).

Anyway with the sun shining I set off at a cracking pace towards my usual Monday destination (i.e. Forte’s ice cream parlour in Limeslade) and was thinking to myself how easy it felt, especially considering I hadn’t been out on the bike for a while. Ha ha, on the way back I found out exactly why it was so easy – the darn bloody wind was with me. The journey home was rather unpleasant given the the wind and I felt as if I was cycling on the spot (a la my teenage days when I used to visit the local gym and use the stationary exercise bikes). My quads were twitching by the time I got back to the changing rooms I can tell you!

Despite all this, I do feel better for the 10.8 mile jaunt, well at least I think I do.