Swans v Gills

I’m making the most of the current cold (but sunny) snap with another lunchtime training session (9) – a 3 mile run today (with Razor the Racehorse). Our time of 23 minutes 26 seconds was quicker than last week, so we were both happy bunnys at the end.

Having braved the elements in such a health concious way, it even actually made look forward more to the Swans game tonight – rather than thinking what I could be doing instead of freezing my nadgers off!

Talking of the game, the Swans won 2-nil – but if the truth be known they made hard work of it and should have scored far more. It was also a shame that we only got to see the new signing Pawel Abbott in action for only 5 minutes – during which time he almost got himself booked for a rather late challenge. He must have been wathcing the Walter Boyd video on how to get yourself sent off within 2 minutes of being on the field!

A full match report can be found in the usual place. As for the stars on the night, well I think everyone did their bit apart from Mr Trundle who was off the pace or seemed to be thinking of something else anyway. What the heck though, it’s a game in hand which we won and are now back in the play-off places and it wasn’t as cold a night as I’d envisage after all.

It was cold enough to see the first bits of snowfall in these parts for 2007 though – albeit very little, it’s a start. So please Mr Weatherman, can we have some more, well lots more actually!

I’m off to Birmingham tomorrow for a web workshop on web strategy, search engine optimisation, accessibility, quality assurance and information architecture – all in the space of 6 odd hours! I think I’m likely to be brain dead by the time I return. Full report tomorrow thought or maybe the day after – after utilising bloggers ‘save as draft’ option of course *smile*