What a result

Huh, if only I was talking about the football yesterday. I’m referring to my weigh in this morning and the storming sight of me now being 16st 4lbs, the lightest I have been in 6 years!!! It certainly gave me a lift as I was feeling a wee bit down in the dumps after the Swans defeat yesterday. Mrs DDWT has now also decided to undertake the regular Sunday weighing slot – but I’m restricted by copyright to divulge any of the details (or risk getting a thick ear for my efforts!).

Been banging my head against the wall today trying to find an unlock code for my sony ericsson mobile – which is tied into the Tesco network, as I want to move over to T-Mobile without buying a new handset. I was contemplating using one of the many phone unlocking people out there in cyberspace (or on the high street for that matter) when I came across a wiki entry for mobile unlocking – which in turn lead me to the Tesco mobile T&C’s.

The result was that Tesco MUST provide me with an unlock code – either for a fee or for free if you meet certain crieria (which I do in my case). I just have to wait for the code now…..