Bond, James Bond

I’ve been listening to the ‘Best of Bond …James Bond‘ CD over the last few days and I must confess that it’s a great CD to listen to in the car – despite me not being a huge Bond fan. Now I’m not saying I think my Toyota suddenly becomes a BMW Z8 as soon as the theme tune starts or that I drive like a sex-mad secret agent, but the funky tunes trotted out over the last 40 odd years of Bond movies certainly get you singing along. In fact, it’s just like being in the shower.

Training session (14) was a 3.75 mile lunchtime run in 32 minutes and 11 seconds – thanks to Razor the Racehorse for pushing me along yet again. The time was maginally down on the week before last effort by about 26 seconds, so progress is being made despite me thinking the contrary.