Planning ahead

My Valentine’s day planning went into overdrive today and I finally got a place sorted for Mrs DDWT and I to have a splendid romantic evening at a venue which I shall disclose on the very day – it is a surprise after all. I’ve even got the babysitter sorted (Nana DDWT), all that’s left for me to do now is get a gift (which for once I know what I want) and a card. Bingo – job done and unlike most blokes I’m actually organised for once!

On the subject of sentiment, it was with a tear in my eye today that I heard DDWT Junior utter those immortal words for any working dad – “I miss you Daddy”. I could have melted on the spot, it was a very special moment which I will always remember – especially as it was the 1st time he’s ever said it.

My training session (15) today was a 14 mile ride down to Gowerton along Cycle Route 4. It made a refreshing change from Limeslade and perhaps more notably I didn’t have the wind in my face to act as a major de-motivator (well not as much as it would be if I’d have been cycling along the seafront. Talking of bikes, one of my work colleagues sent me an email today about cycling holidays – great idea I thought, until I saw these pictures!

I’m on leave again tomorrow so am looking forward to spending some quality time at home with the family and catching up on stuff – like giving my bike a damn good clean. I’m going to try and fit in some serious PS2 gaming as well – so ‘Call of Duty‘ here I come!