I wandered lonely as a cloud

No I’ve not lost the plot, I merely felt that the fluffy white clouds that filled the early morning sky in the Swansea Valley today were well worth a snap or two.

I throughly enjoyed my day off today, choosing to laze around the house and play lots of games, trains, dinosaurs and play dough with DDWT Junior. It really made me realise what I miss out on everyday with him when I’m in work. Oh well, someone’s got to go out of earn the dough – but at least that means Mrs DDWT can bring up DDWT Junior, which is the most important thing as far as I am concerned.

I also found some time to dabble around with some mp3 editing software (called ‘mptrim‘) mainly in a quest to tailor some tunes for my mobile phone. I wholly object to being ripped off by the ringtone-via-sms merchants at £3 plus per shot – hence why I dabble. My first attempt was a 17 second snippet of the Stereophonics track called ‘Dakota’. You’re welcome to download it from here to use on your own phone if you wish.

The house of DDWT is off to Cheltenham tomorrow for a part shopping – part football trip. I’m off to watch the Swans take on the Robins of Cheltenham at Whaddon Road, whilst the rest of the gang is off siopa (that’s Welsh for shopping). At least we won’t be short of company, with around 1,800 plus other Jacks being in town as well! Hopefully we’ll all be celebrating as we owe them one for turning us over at the Liberty Stadiumon the opening day of the season back in August. Whatever happens I’ll give the usual lowdown on events tomorrow evening.