Robins v Swans

I really don’t feel like blogging tonight. Primarily because I’m bloody angry and annoyed – like 1,799 other Jacks – at the gutless Swans performance I witnessed this afternoon in Cheltenham. But for the sake of posterity I will – plus I took loads of photo’s which I wanted to share with the no doubt un-interested world.

Our (that’s me, Mrs DDWT, DDWT Junior and Nana DDWT) journey to the Cotswolds was relatively straightforward – down the M4, up the A40 and 2 hours later we were in Cheltenham (having parked up and been transported into town – in exchange for £2 at the nearby park and ride). Now all I had to do was find Whaddon Road. This wasn’t to be a problem as the sheer number of local constabulary on duty made asking directions a rather simple exercise. Ten minutes later I was in the ground – which had a rather non-league look and feel to it to be quite frank (this was my first – and last! – visit to Whaddon Road).

I won’t even risk enhancing the RSI on my fingers talking about the game – you can read the sordid details on the official Swans site. I will however make a few comments. On the evidence of today – only a handful of the players appear to actually give a tinkers cuss about the club and it’s desire to gain promotion.

Out of the 13 that played on Saturday only two stick in my mind that actually appear to wear their heart on their sleeves – Leon Britton (yet again) and Alan Tate – who at the end actually faced a torrent of abuse despite being the only one to bother to come over and applaud the fans. Talking of the fans, I’m still amazed how anyone whom barracks the players after less than 10 minutes of kick-off can call themselves a fan, I thought the idea was to get behind them initially? Silly me obviously. It’s also becoming increasingly obvious that the nearer the away game, the more numpties we tend to take with us. Sadly due to both of the above, our vocal support was as poor as the teams performance (which did little to inspire the fans either).

If you can be arsed to watch the kick-off, I’ve put it on YouTube if you want/can be bothered to watch it.

Prior to today, I had intentions of going to Yeovil (as I’d never been to that ground either) but on the back of this debacle – I’m not going to waste my time or money. I’m sure I won’t be alone on that count either.

Although I had a poo day, I was glad to hear that the rest of the gang were enjoying themselves in Cheltenham town centre (which seems like a rather nice place from the brief look around I had). After a quick stop at Pizza Hut for tea, we hit the A40 back home.

Thinking about both the journey up and back, it was rather interesting if only due to the bizarre place names we encountered along the way – Box Bush, Lea, Longlevens and Solomon’s Tump to name a few. Where do they get these names from?