Swans v Latics

What a difference a few weeks make in the life of Swansea City. The euphoria of the FA Cup run and the alleged improvement in form have long gone and on today’s evidence things aren’t looking good for Kenny Jackett’s long term future at the club (that’s a personal opinion btw).

In terms of performance, today’s effort was marginally better than the shambles I witnessed at Cheltenham last week – at least there was some passion and commitment on display. What we appear to be sadly lacking though is some on (and off?) field direction and guile. To top it all today’s 1 nil defeat – against a well organised Oldham – we now find ourselves outside the play-off places and promotion looking more unlikely as the weeks go by.

As for the game itself (from a Swans perspective), Pawel Abbott looked way off the pace – which is a concern considering this was his first full start – and to see Leon Britton hobble off in the 2nd half is a major concern, given that he’s been by far and away the most consistent player in a Swans shirt this season. The fact that KJ substituted both Abbott and Tate at half-time said it all really.

A full match report can be read on the official Swans site. Two other things worth a mention really, the Oldham support was excellent and very vocal – both before and after the goal and the referee and linesmen, well with performances like that it’s no wonder you get so much stick. Shocking I think the word is.

So all in all it’s been a frustrating Saturday afternoon (again) and I can see why some people have already started to stay away. Even I am now beginning to lose patience with the management and some of the players – which says it all as I’m usually quite a patient chap when it comes to the Swans and changes.

A trip down to the stadium earlier today (well before the game) only made me realise how much snow there had been in Swansea itself – with an abundance of it still lying around (unlike here in the lower Swansea Valley). This was rather strange as usually the Swansea Valley is worse hit when it comes to snowfall.

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