Get up and go

A quiet day in the DDWT household today with the get up and go juice in short supply. I don’t know what it is at the moment, but my enthusiam and energy levels are pretty low – so perhaps it’s little wonder that I’m starting a cold (DDWT Junior and the Mrs already have it).

My weight at this week’s weigh-in was 16st 6lbs, so despite my lack of exercise over the last 3 days or so and having eaten like the preverbial horse, things ain’t too bad actually.

I decided to do a light weights session this evening, just to get back into the swing of things and also took the time to devise a simplified training programme. The idea is that I utilise every day of the week (bar one) for different training, i.e. Monday is an easy bike day (less than 15 miles), Tuesday is a hard run day (over 3 miles), Wednesday is a weights day, Thursday is a hard bike day (more than 15 miles), Friday is an easy run day (less than 3 miles), Saturday is a day off and Sunday is a weights day.

That’s the plan, now we’ll see if I can stick to it!