Topless WAGs

With be being stuck at home with the flu, Mrs DDWT took the opportunity to talk me into watching ‘WAGs Boutique‘ the ITV2 reality show tonight. Ok I confess, I say again, but I did actually watch it last week as well – I mean what football fan wouldn’t want to watch a bunch of birds living up to their title of footballers WAGs (wives and girlfriends).

It’s quite amusing really (or sad depending on which way you look at it) to see the girlies in action – basically setting up two rival boutique businesses in London – which provides us with an insight into the lives and personalities of them all (and their other halfs).

This week’s episode was of particular interest to me as it featured both boutiques setting up and marketing their respective web sites – ‘Bows‘ and ‘Better Half’. So after the show Mrs DDWT and I simply couldn’t resist taking a look at the end product for ourseleves.

Two hugely contrasting web sites if ever there were some. One professional looking and dedicated to the task in hand (promoting their boutique), the other more flash and self-promoting (and altogether more tacky tbh). Whilst the show depicted both teams going to different web design agencies, the truth in fact was that both sites were done by Fremantle Media – whom also happen to be the brainchild behind the show.

Despite all the hype though, the show is raising money for two great causes – the Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Willow Foundation.

One thing did disturb me though after looking at both the boutique web sites – why on earth does the ‘Better Half’ site (and in particular their links page) provide a link to the web site of Cassie Sumners (one of the WAGs on the show) , which offers some rather erm decidedly dodgy content (topless pictures et al) in exchange for $9.95!!

Hardly the type of site you want to associate with a show raising money for a charity is it?