I’m back but Kenny’s gone

Well I’m back in work today, unlike Kenny Jackett who has walked out on the Swans. My initial reaction is one of anger, not so much at KJ, but Huw Jenkins – the Swans chairman. Whilst I, like many others, have grown increasingly frustrated with KJ’s tactics, team selection, etc, etc over the last few weeks I really wanted him to see the season out – or at least until such time as we couldn’t get promoted.

But good old Huw – not really known for keeping his trap shut – decided to give KJ the dreaded vote of confidence in the SWEP, which when you read the article spelt it out in black and white (no pun intended) that KJ was in effect on borrowed time. It’s little wonder then that come Wednesday, Kenny decides to leave by ‘mutual consent’.

In all of the years (almost 27) I’ve supported the Swans they often make me feel frustrated, but rarely angry. I mean we’ve really gone and f!&cked the season up now haven’t we – which considering we are in 7th position and have 14 games to play is just plain daft. Why the hell did the board have to put KJ in such an untenable position? If they wanted him out then at least wait until there was nothing to be achieved this year *big sigh*

No doubt in true Swansea style, we’ll appoint some halfwit to the post and really mess up the foundations which Kenny – despite his obvious failings – laid during his 3 year reign.

As for my working day, well it was fine I think, not that I did much really I was too flipping annoyed.