Aberavon beach

We ventured over to Aberavon beach this afternoon for what was the first ever visit for all of us – strange but true. It’s just a shame that the early sunshine had long since disappeared to be replaced by a murky overcast sky, which eventually meant light drizzle.

Considering the location of the beach is relatively near to Port Talbot steelworks (some 3+ miles or so away), the sand and shoreline is very pleasant and clean – so don’t be put off by it’s location. I can imagine the place is rammed when the weather is hot and sunny and there is always the nearby Aquadome to visit if the beach isn’t your sort of thing.

The tale of the scale saw an increase this week to 16st 8lbs, but I was pretty much prepared for this considering I haven’t trained since last Sunday and that was a weights session. On the subject of training, Mrs DDWT put me to shame this morning by going out for a run whilst I made elephants out of Lego Duplo with DDWT Junior. So the chips are down now and the competition has begun!