Sealed with a x

With Valentines day long since gone, I’m amazed at the amount of love that is still in the air and being shown to me (and everyone else no doubt!) by total strangers. Don’t get me wrong, a little bit of love goes a long way, but in this the day and age of cyberspace, lurve and affection has taken on a whole new meaning.

Never before have I had so many emails (legitimate ones I hasten to add – not penis enlarging ones) from complete strangers calling me ‘matey’, ‘sweetie’ and always signed off with a ‘x’. I mean I’ve never even met these people (work colleagues to be precise) yes they work for the same company but I don’t know them from Adam (who is he anyway?). I had a friend in uni once who sweared he had the ideal measure for sussing out if someone fancied you or not – the gist of which was that if you received any form of communication from them (email, letter, card, txt, whatever) and it was signed off with an ‘x’ you were in! Bingo, result, lurve was on the cards.

Personally I never bought into that crap, but it was amazing to see how popular he “thought” he was with the ladies. Gawd help him in my job then *smile*

On an altogether more serious note and being somewhat of a newbie to parenthood, it’s amazing how much your little one being ill can upset you and make you worry. I know that sounds a stupid thing to say when your talking about your own flesh and blood, but you’d be surprised (as I am often) by how many parents appear to not give a tinkers cuss about their kids.

Anyway, I digress. I wrote this simply becuase DDWT Junior is unwell at the moment (high temp, stinking cold, off his food, etc) and it’s at times like this that make you appreciate what a bundle of laughs they really are and how sad it is to see them suffering without really being able to tell you what’s wrong or how they feel.