Swans v Iron

I finally got back to doing some training during lunchtime today and eased into it – although it sure as hell didn’t feel like it – with a 3 mile run around SA1 with Razor (another training buddy of mine). ¬†Our time of 24 minutes 23 seconds was quite satisfactory considering the 10 day lapse since the last session.

Seeing as it’s Shrove Tuesday, Mrs DDWT made some homemade pancakes (which we lush by the way) and enjoyed by all. Well everyone except DDWT Junior who took more pleasure in washing the dishes than trying the pancakes. What is it with kids and water? Talking of the nipper, the mrs took him to the docs this morning to get him checked out as he’s still under the weather to say the least. They got the usual retort of “it’s a virus” and were basically told by the doctor to let it run its course like everyone else was doing! Well that’s all well and good if you’re an adult, but not if you’re a 3 years old toddler. So Dr. Osbourne if you’re reading this (which is highly unlikely) you are indeed a 1st class MUPPET.

I headed off to the Liberty tonight to watch the Swans take on the table topping Irons of Scunthorpe – more in hope than anticipation to be quite frank. Unfortuantely, the 2 nil scoreline (to the visitors) didn’t really do justice to what was – compared to recent weeks – a much more gutsy and passionate performance (in the 1st half at least).

If the truth be known we were sleeping for the 1st goal (after about 4 minutes) and Willy made a howler for the 2nd (time for Oakesy to have a go surely?), so once again we gifted a rather ordinary looking Scunthorpe team 3 points. Having now seen the two top teams in League One during the last few weeks I personally felt Oldham were the much better of the two sides. Anyway, if you want to read the match report it’s in its usual place.

As for the talking points, well Bayo was stretchered off with a suspected broken leg to be replaced by the (currently) un-flattering Pawel Abbott (or should that be Russ?). Our attack looked weak before, it’s decidedly non-existent now and I for one think that this injury coupled with the result has pretty much put the final nail in our promotion coffin (play-offs included). Why, well simply becuase the state of affairs off the pitch and confidence on it – looks to have taken a pasting.

O’Leary was the pick of the bunch tonight on the whole and typified the tenacity which we have been lacking of late. To be fair to all of the other players they were all committed – in the first half especially, which resulted in the crowd getting behind them. It’s a point worth dwelling on – all to often players ask the fans to get behind them, well we will guys IF you show us your up for the fight as well.

No doubt the rollercoaster of life that is being a fan of Swansea City will take a few more twists and turns yet. Swansea ’til I die indeed.