Caught short

My lunchtime run with Razor today – along our usual seaside scenic route known affectionately as SA1 – took us 23 minutes 40 seconds, a wee bit quicker than Tuesday’s effort. However, it was instantly forgetable due to me, ahem, being taken short – pretty much as soon as I’d finished the 3 mile run.

It’s not the sort of runs either of us want to become accustomed to in all honesty. But it’s my own fault really as I’d decided to take on some fluids and a banana some 20 minutes or so before starting the run. I should have learnt my lesson by now, as it’s not the first time my legendary metabolism and digestive system have come up trumps – albeit at the most inappropriate of times.

The p*ss taking from my comrades in the changing rooms afterwards was quite intense as well, with comments such as “hit the fan will you”, “you were poetry in motion today”, “Have you lost anything?”, “You could have waited until we’d changed” and “that’s lunch down the pan then”.

Charming eh.