Sunday roast

Having not had a good old fashioned Sunday roast for a while, I decided to serve up one of my world renowned (I wish) roast beef dinners for the DDWT family today and it went down a treat. The brisket joint which we’d bought from Morrisons the previous day was lovely and tender – which made having the leftovers (for sandwiches!) a real treat.

A disasterous day on the scales for me – which reflected the munchies I had during our holiday last week – with a 16st 10lbs reading. Not good and it hit me like a sledgehammer, especially as I’d been down to 16st 4lbs at Christmas. It really is time to pull my finger out once again.

DDWT Junior’s health remains a concern as he is still acting rather erratically, complaining of ear ache, a sore throat and having a high temparature – but intermittently. Another day like today and he’ll be paying a visit to the doctor to get him checked out. I hate to say it, but it looks more and more like tonsil trouble all the time.