Work to train

It comes to something when the only time I end up doing training is when I’m in work. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s due to one thing in particular – routine. The same can be said for my eating habits. When I’m in work, I’m a good boy and eat my 5 portions of fruit/veg and drink lots of water – put me in my home environment and it all goes Pete Tong. Having said all that mind you, I’ve no intention of being in work just for the sake of training!!!

I’d expected to be on my lonesome today for my lunchtime run, but fortuntely I bumped into RM on the way and he was also billy no-mates for the day, so we opted to train togethr. Some 4 miles and 35 minutes 21 seconds later we retuned having pushed each other all the way. I felt somewhat knackered this afternoon to say the least!

Our route took us along Swansea Bay, Singleton Park and the Swansea University campus. The campus bit – according to RM – helped physcologically with the run, which I think meant posing in front of the college girls helped lift his spirits and spurred him on! Personally I’d rather use my own self-motivation methods, but each to their own I guess. Either way it made me laugh.

After the shock of my weigh-in yesterday and the resulting conversation with Mrs DDWT about our somewhat shocking post-Christmas dietry habits – supper this evening turned out to be a lovely chicken and tomato pasta dish.

It was lush as well *smile*

After a restless night, we took DDWT Junior to the docs and found out that he has a ear and throat infection – which is some relief as we had feared the worst (that it might be tonsil trouble). So he’s now on some antibiotics, which hopefully will clear up the problems which he’s seem to have had for a few months. Fingers crossed.

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