Swansea skyline

As today was a training rest day, I simply couldn’t resist talking a nice walk around Swansea Marina in the glourious sunshine. This also gave me an ample opportunity to take a closer look at the massive construction cranes that are seemingly in abundance throughout the Swansea skyline these days.

The cranes above are working on the Meridian Quay site between the Marriott and Swansea Marina and forms part of Swansea City Council’s vision for the future – a waterfront city of European distinction by 2020.

Personally despite a lot of scepticism and negativity over such visions and plans, I think it’s about time that people actually took pride in the City and surrounding area and realised that we do have a lot to offer – both in terms of living and working.

Why are we always so quick to knock our own backyard – especially as the majority of outsiders seem to praise it so highly. Whilst the vision (of the Council) is admittedly very ambitious, it’s a refreshing change to see something happening rather than living up to that famous Dylan Thomas quote as Swansea being the “Graveyard of ambition”.

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