Historical football kit

I was sent an email today by my mate Helmet Rarch alerting me to a site that featured historical football kits and the Swans in particular in our case. It was quite a challenge for me to try and remember which kit I actually saw ‘live’ for the first time. After much deliberation with my work colleagues, I finally got it down to the 1979-1981 kit as shown below.

Oh how the times and kits have changed, well even our home ground for that matter. Geez, just think of the Vetch Field compared to the Liberty Stadium.

I went for a lunchtime run with a difference today, mainly due to the Trafalgar Bridge – the one crossing the river tawe from Swansea Marina to SA1 – being closed. After taking in Swansea Marina and the jetty, Razor and I headed off along the beach for a 25 minutes 33 second run.

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