Starting the day with a difference

My training routine took on a different shape today due to that fact that it was done at 7:45 in the morning – before going into work!

Daft as it sounds, Coach and I did our 10.8 mile Limeslade bike ride before going into work today and I must confess that it was a great. The early morning rising sun and the tranquil waters of Swansea Bay made it even more of a pleasurable jaunt and set me up for the day of work ahead.

Our time of 43 minutes 48 seconds was quicker than earlier in the week, although our average speed was the same – 14.5 mph. Our top speed was 20.2 top speed, mainly because there was no wind to blow us home this time around – a rarity for Swansea Bay I can tell you!

One thing I have noticed though as the day has worn on is that I felt tired earlier in the day than I normally do. It could be just a co-incidence, but as my body is used to training around 4 – 5 hours later than I have done today, it does make me wonder. I suppose I’ll just have to try it again and see won’t I!

I’m getting rather excited now at the thought of going to watch the Swans at Tranmere tomorrow. Going to watch the Swans play any away game is always a lot of fun and if previous trips are anything to go by tomorrow should be just the same.

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