First cut of the season

Despite feeling zonked after yesterday’s exploits on Merseyside, I managed to remember the all important Sunday date with the weighing scale in our bathroom.

I really wish I’d forgotten in retrospect after having seen the 16st 10lbs digits on display. I graciously accepted Mrs DDWT’s supportive suggestion of “Well you did eat quite late last night when you came back from the football”. Yes, I’ll take that as an excuse thank you very much. So beasting it is for me this week then – not that I’m obsessed with my weight of course *raised eyebrows*

With it being March and such like, it always heralds the first lawnmower outing of the season and so with the sun shining I decided to give the petrol guzzling monster a run out. As is the norm (for the 1st run each year) the darn thing wouldn’t start – more to do with a dodgy starter pully than anything else I hasten to add. Some 20 minutes of WD40’ing, tweaking this, twonking that and getting blisters on my hands later, I finally got it started and duly got the lawn cut.

After having done the donkey work outside, we decided to go to Fendrod lake this afternoon for us to have a nice family walk and for DDWT Junior to feed the ducks. Unfortunately for DDWT Junior, he fell asleep on the way there and didn’t see anything!

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